Enbeat'z SW102 - 120W RMS - Endefo

Enbeat’z SW102 – 120W RMS

120W RMS Endefo Signature Surround sound, Multiple EQ modes, LED Display, Bluetooth, Optical input, AUX, HDMI, ARC. 

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Powerful Sound Performance – 120W RMS:

Immerse yourself in the world of audio bliss with our Enbeat’z SW102 sound bar delivering a whopping 120W RMS of power. Feel the rumble of deep bass and the clarity of crisp highs as your favourite movies, music, and TV shows come to life with unparalleled audio precision.

Surround Sound Experience:

Step into a cinematic realm right in your living room. Enbeat’z SW102 soundbar creates a surround sound experience engulfing you with rich, immersive audio. Every moment becomes more vibrant, enhancing your entertainment and gaming experiences.

LED Display:

Stay in control and the know with the LED display. Easily navigate through settings, volume levels, and EQ modes with a glance. The sleek and informative display adds a touch of modernity to your entertainment setup.

Multiple EQ Modes:

Fine-tune your audio experience to match your preferences. Choose from multiple EQ modes, each crafted to enhance specific genres or settings. Whether you are into action-packed movies or soothing music, find the perfect audio profile for every occasion.

Versatile Compatibility – TV, Smart Phone:

Connect seamlessly to your entertainment world. Enbeat’z SW102 soundbar is designed to be compatible with your TV for an enhanced home theatre experience, and they also effortlessly pair with your smartphone for a quick switch to your favourite tunes.

AUX, Bluetooth, USB, Optical Input:

Versatility at its best! Connect through various modes – use the classic AUX for a direct link, enjoy the wireless freedom of Bluetooth, plug in your USB drive for instant access to your music library, or utilize the Optical Input for top-notch audio from your compatible devices.


Tune up your audio experience with HDMI and Audio Return Channel (ARC) support. Streamline connections and enjoy high-quality sound directly through your TV. It’s not just about audio; it’s about making your setup efficient and user-friendly.

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1 Sound Bar, 1 Subwoofer,1 RCA to Aux Cable ,1 Remort ,2 Angle Stand


15.75 c 18.75 x 6.75 x 19.75 inch

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AUX USB Optical, Bluetooth



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